What We Do
Aim 4’s ability to assist you to obtain a fast track to successful immigration to Canada (PEI) is based upon the PEIPNP. The Province of PEI is authorized to Nominate qualified applicants to the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Department of the Government of Canada. Upon nomination and successful application, the Government of Canada will issue the qualified Applicant a Permanent Resident Visa (PRV).

PEI Office of Immigration

Once selected, the Applicant then must engage in an extensive and complex application process culminating in a personal interview in PEI. Once Nominated, approval rates are extremely high. Many Applicants choose to use their Nomination status to obtain a Temporary Work Visa. This allows the Applicant and his/her family to reside on PEI while their application is processed by IRCC.

Depending upon the Applicant and the availability of supporting documentation, the processing time from beginning to end is between and 18 and 24 months.

As an AIIA, Aim 4 is authorized to assist and represent you to successfully navigate the Application Process achieving a PRV on an accelerated basis.

We are now accepting applications for our assistance with immigration to Prince Edward Island